Welcome to Heliworx LLC!

Heliworx LLC, based in Bigfork Montana, is currently involved in a number of projects. Flathead Metal Craft LLC, a DBA off of Heliworx LLC, is primarily involved in custom metal fabrication and casting. For more information about Flathead Metal Craft you are in the right place and I am glad you found us.

I admit to being neglectful of the company web site but I am currently in the process of getting it caught up and will be adding some products designed and made by Flathead Metal Craft LLC as soon as I can. For the curious among you I have developed a simple, manual lift system to aid maintenance personnel in installing and removing fixed fire tank systems from Bell medium helicopters, this system is currently in the final stages of testing and should be available soon. There are a few other special tools related to helicopter maintenance along with the tank lift system that will be available soon as well. Additionally, Flathead Metal Craft is in the development stages of a number of other items, some of which are unrelated to helicopter maintenance, that I hope to make public soon as well. So check back often to see what we are up to!






Thank you for your interest in Heliworx LLC and Flathead Metal Craft